1. Don’t Overpack

Day one, and I already regret that extra pair of pants that currently lie tightly rolled in my pristine, new backpack. Speaking of the condition of that sizeable bag… I can’t help but feel like a complete backpacking newby. I can’t be alone… right Louise? With the inability to elegantly swing it over my shoulder and all. I saw the pain edged on your face after the 10 minute walk to the Thai embassy.

The bus may be a whole 5 minutes late, but that’s okay.

The day started with a horrendously expensive taxi ride to Herning.. No way was I wandering down to the train station with 15 kilos on my back. In Danish time, the bus was late. A whole 5 minutes late! The audacity. It must have been fate’s way of preparing us for the more relaxed cultures that lie ahead. Once on the bus, though, everything ran pretty smoothly. After four months in Maputo, everything about this trip was a luxury. There was a relatively clean bathroom, water, and even free coffee. I was impressed. So fastforward to our arrival in the beautiful Copenhagen… *hint, hint* we get lost at least twice. What would the world be like without smartphones? Yes, this teenager owes all her gratitude to Louise’s smartphone, without which I would not be sitting in this cosy little hostel surrounded by international strangers.

Public transport will never be a strong suit of mine. So I am glad to have someone a bit more confident… I can drop all my coins and fumble to find my ticket while she calmly talks to the bus driver. We all have our areas of expertise, am I right?

Copenhagen is wonderful. It’s a breeze of fresh air, which, despite what you may think, I mean literally. Bikes everywhere, the buses somehow run on green energy, and people just seem to care more about being green (not to be taken literally). Even so, I am more than ready for Seoul. Tomorrow afternoon we fly out – wave goodbye to little Denmark once again. Neither I nor Louise have any idea what to expect. It will be a new culture for both of us to experience, and I cannot wait.

Especially for the food!




  1. Brack Malia says:

    And here I thought your new African phone was your best buy ever ^^


    1. niamham says:

      Not quite.. Slightly disappointed with that thing 😛


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