2. Don’t forget the time difference.

Day two, and here we are sitting in the plane headed to Seoul – but only by luck! Arriving in Moscow, we took our sweet time eating in one of the countless cafes and chilling and thinking we had four hours to kill before boarding the second plane. However, this was apparently not the case. Thankfully we realised in time that we actually had to board right this minute and not wander about aimlessly in this huge airport. Then, of course, we had to go by bus from the airport to the aircraft – meaning we had to leave the warm comfort of the airport and face the biting cold russian winter, and oh yeah we had stuffed our big warm winter jackets into our luggage before boarding in CPH so they were already on their way to South Korea without us..! But no need to linger in the details of that mishap, let’s rather talk about all the free stuff you get on the plane! I listened eagerly as Niamh told me all about the wonders of flying cross-continental. And now, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting with a pair of slippers, an eye mask, a blanket and a pillow in my lap and a three course menu by my side and The Night Manager and Westworld just waiting to be watched. And I mustn’t forget to mention the beautiful view of Moscow we got as we landed, all covered in snow but lit bright by a million lights.

With only a few hours of sleep (thanks to our wonderfully loud and obnoxious roommates at the hostel Global Hagen) we hope to sleep through most of the flight so we’ll be able to fully enjoy our first meeting with Seoul.. and limit the jetlag. If we have counted correctly we’ll arrive just before noon and then we have a whole day to ourselves in the capital before we get to our first host family.