5. Don’t assume.

Hmm.. so day 5 has been a quite strange day and oh so confusing. The husband’s mother had been hospitalized so the mother brought us with her to the hospital where we met the husband for the first time. As interesting as visiting a Korean hospital was, it was even more confusing.

But afterwards the mother took us to visit one of her friends who produces all organic strawberry – it was huge and very impressive and tasty!

(Pictures will come at another time)

She took us to see another bunch greenhouses (mom and dad, you’d probably get a kick out it) before lunch.

And what an amazing lunch!


Can you smell the Kimchi? Not only did we get the rice wrapped in a lotus leaf, but also an absolutely delicious Lotus leaf tea, which we will no doubt be traveling home with!

Now enter the strangeness. After we got back from our little day trip it was time for us to try working. The daughter showed us the way to the farm buildings and once we got there and greeted the husband he just kinda left. So we spend almost two hours waiting for him to return while we stay with the daugher who’s watching cartoons. Now at this point we are beginning to become paranoid and we don’t know what to think, we ask each other what is going on probably for the 100th time and if we should start looking for another host. But luckily he finally turned up. We spend a little more than 30 minutes helping him pack chicken meat for delivery – and I must admit it will take some time for us to get in the routine before we’ll be of any real help.

We are amazed by this girl’s flexibility!

We spend a cozy evening eating a home cooked meal with the family and ending the night like the last: building Lego planes with the daughter.




  1. Elisabeth Murray says:

    I’m sure greenhouses are very interesting, but oops, think my jaw dropped by the sight of your lunch. A lunch like that must make up for a lot of trouble.


    1. niamham says:

      It does! Would go through hell for that lunch 😛


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