9. Downtown Yangpyeong ->양평

Day 9 we got up and prepared to go to the farm for another day of work, but then the mother surprised us by deciding we should rather take trip to Yangpyeong first. We drove – and I remain in awe of the ease at which they skilfully navigate the intricate and absurdly narrow roads that are ever busy with traffic – to a little cluster of buildings in town close to where she teaches yoga.

A taste of the tiny mountain roads

At first we visited the entire school district management office (why though?) where we were greeted, offered tea and generously given a gift bag. ( I just wanna make a quick comment on how friendly, warm and helpful the Korean people have been – am I right or am I right Niamh?)


The lovely lady in blue is our host.

Then we went to one of the many art galleries in Yangpyeong and it was gorgeous! It was full of the work of famous and local Korean artists and all kinds of beautiful pictures and sculptures. Just driving through Yangpyeong is like taking a stroll through a museum, the road sides are cramped with sculptures of stone, wood, metal and what not. For a moment I wished the weather would allow us to go for a bike ride through the city so that we might get a proper look at those beauties.


This little adventure was followed by yet another mouthwatering meal with a view of one of Koreas many rivers and a visit to Yangpyong market. It was like a never ending feast for the eyes and nose, row after row of seaweed (a most delicious snack I have found), fish, nuts, beans and much more that I have no idea what even is – a literal feast . And don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you at home, we managed to track down the delicious lotus leaf tea what we will bring with us home, if the customs allow it.

My chopstick skills are finally improving.


After just a mere hour of work in the afternoon stuffing frozen chickens in bags we decided to push ourselves to the very limit on the exercise machines which seem to be everywhere in South Korea. We ended the day like yesterday with a nice and big meal at the farm – do not worry mom and dad we are very well fed here! Albeit the rice, pork, soup and side dishes (which apparently is all they eat for dinner here all the time though with some variations) were a little hard to get to get down in the end we felt the weight of social norms and expectations as we tried to avoid leaving any food untouched or unfinished as to not offend the grandparents (FYI the grandmother is well and back on her feet and so she and her husband are back living at the farm).

Here are a few pictures of the little thing, who kept us up way past our bedtime…