11. Lazy day interrupted

Day 11, Sunday, God’s day. With a long awaited, though unnecessary, day off we decided to spend the day by ourselves in Yangpyeong. But this special day must be kicked off in the right way – by sleeping in. By 11 o’clock we were up and about, fresh from the shower and about to do this trip’s first round of laundry. After a quick introduction to the washer we stuffed in all of our dirty clothes, towels and finer things only later to realize that one has to empty the pockets before and turning some clothes inside out…

With our bellies full of a delicious kind of pumpkin porridge that had a wonderful sharp yellow colour (this is right up your alley morfar, and if you haven’t tried this yet I strongly recommend it!), we made our way to the one a only bus stop in the Village. We waited about 15-20 minutes – like the punctual Scandinavians we are – and were just about to give up on the bus when it finally arrived. After some confusion about how to use our T-card on the bus we were seated and on our way to the city.


We walked around in circles in the centre of town for a while getting excited about being able to find our way around and recognising places from the stressful day we first arrived in Yangpyeong and from our visits here with our hosts. We walked up and down every side alley of the Yangpyeong “gågade” searching for a restaurant with food to remind us of home and getting a short break from all of this (delicious) oriental food. To much of my disappointment we weren’t able to find an open pizza place, so Dunkin’ Donut had to do – after all, we did owe it a visit after saving our butts the first day here when are much trusted technology failed us.

Before returning we bought a load of strange-looking Korean snacks and then took a taxi home.



Now it was time to bring some real Danish råhygge to Yangpyeong, South Korea. With the amazing show Please Like Me playing in Netflix we let the munchies take over. First, the chocolate covered almonds – a delicious and safe snack.


Second, some premium grain crispy rolls – a much confusing taste experience, they were not at all like what we expected and cold!


Struggling to open a the bag…

Next, scorched rice pancakes-things – very plain and very dry.dsc_0195 Following was some coco cereal-tasting kinda snacks – nice, cute but lacking a bowl of milk for a sense of completeness.


Finally, the shrimp chips – what can I say, as long as I tried to forget it had any affiliation to sea creatures and that there was painted a big fat shrimp on the bag I suppose they can be considered tasty, I think Niamh enjoyed them way more than I did.

Seriously, check out the show – you won’t regret it!

But not long after we were no longer alone in the house and our lazy day was interrupted by darling Ujo.