Our Journey to the Floor

This is our bed:


This bed has caused many varying and ambiguous feelings as well as a few sore hips and tailbones, but as our backs and emotions begin to straighten out I may as well write a post about it.

If you can’t tell from the picture, we are lying on the floor. Nothing but a futon and carpet lays between our fragile bones and the hardwood floor. Day one brought confusion… With the stress of the day and my terrible jet-lag, I was not willing to compromise on my usual soft mattress. But I didn’t complain, and I’m glad I didn’t.

By day three our heads had cleared enough to remember that “oh, yeah! It may just be part of the Korean culture”. And sure enough, a quick Googling and we learnt that mattresses and beds are a pretty recent addition to the average Korean household.

Feeling pretty silly about our use of the word inhumane, we tried to find a way to ease our body’s into the change. We tried everything.

That night I stuffed every single item of clothing under the carpet… Did that work? Not one bit. Exasperated and overly jet-lagged at 3 am, I tried to reverse the stupid mistake. Not only did I wake up the next morning with one or two bruises from the lumpy bedding, there were clothes scattered everywhere – the room was a mess.

For the next night or two we both used our heavy winter jackets to soften the floor. It helped ever so slightly.

Then we gave up, and Google shone its magical spotlight once again. We decided to suck it up and do it right.

It must be night 8, and I’m starting to get used to sleeping on the floor. I don’t hate it… I miss my embracing bed, but I think I could get used to the minimalistic style of sleeping without excessive padding.

Also, there is heating in the floors, so we are nice and toasty all night. This is especially practical seeing as everything seems to happen on the floor – the eating, the TV watching, the book reading, etc.


Ps. Nothing much happened today. We worked hard cleaning all the many stock and packing rooms… tough work when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or even some soap. Here’s a picture of our breakfast – a picture that will most likely be used on the farm’s Wwofing page (YAY!):