15. Dumpling Madness

Today we made enough pork dumplings to feed an entire army… which is a fitting metaphor, as we have a constant rumble of army jets and helicopters flying overhead. Before you get worried, there is an army base lying in the mountains behind Yangpyeong. World war 3 may be an impending doom, what with Donald Trump and whatnot, but we are safe for now.

So, just like yesterday, we spent the majority of the day reading in the farmhouse’s living room. We both managed to finish reading our novels – Louise’s being Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. I finished the second book in Haruki Murakami’s series 1Q84, and just had to buy the third one… It’s great to have a kindle in these situations! I spent most of my day captivated by the year 1Q84 and the lives of Tengo and Aomame.

The rest of the day was consumed with dumpling-making. We had the important job of stuffing and folding the little pouches while the grandmother meticulously rolled out the dough and steamed the finished products.


We thoroughly enjoyed this task, and it was only made better by the grandmother’s little giggles… We are not quite sure if she was laughing at our incompetence, but it was entertaining none the less.

Otherwise, we had another relaxing day in Yangpyeong.