18. Moving out

We packed our stuff, cleaned the room and waited. As has been the case many a time here in Yangpeyong, the language barrier – not to mention possible cultural differences, have caused much confusion and every time we end up sitting waiting for our hosts to give us some kind of directions or take some kind of action. We had agreed that we would leave around 10-11 and during breakfast they are so kind as to offer us a lift. However, because of some miscommunication, or just the father’s non-existent sense of time, we sat waiting again.

On our way to Seoul a wave of reminiscent thoughts passed over us of our wonderful stay in Yangpeyong. It still hasn’t quite caught up with me that we are actually well into our Asia-Africa trip and have just completed our first WWOOFing experience. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we could not have had a better introduction to South Korea and WWOOFing (although in the heat of the moment there were periods of utter hopeless frustration as we sat waiting in the increasingly claustrophobic living room at the farm). We cannot thank our hosts enough for all the awesome experiences they have given us like taking us to the are gallery, mountain park and temple – and which we came completely unexpected.

Gotta take precautions and wear that fanny-pack, if only it was that easy


Sookmyung Women’s University

Now we are sitting in a cosy guesthouse literally in the city centre of Seoul finally getting to catch our breaths. The commute here was long and painful with the weight of our backpacks crushing our shoulders. After we relieved ourselves of our burden we went out to see more of the city. But after just one attractions ticked of we came across a bookstore and our sightseeing tour naturally came to a halt. It was so familiar and homey to walk around searching the numerous shelves of books for nothing in particular and suddenly almost two hours had past. Niamh showed an astonishing amount of moral character and did not give into the temptations nor let me lose my grip on sanity.