23: Fate, our frenemy

Today has been a truly amazing day with seemingly ups and downs but in the end fate was always on our side. This is not the first time fate has worked her magic so far during our trip. When we went to that beautiful bookstore did we not only happen to find one book we had been talking about just a few days earlier but three – I mean that’s some coincident.

The plan for today was to visit the Thai embassy and start the process of getting Niamh a visa so that we can escape this freezing cold asap. But when we finally find the building, it’s closed! After a couple of desperate attempts to contact them, because according to their own website they should’ve been open, we give up and start to wander around hoping to happen upon one of the parks here in Seoul. Being rather disappointed with what we found we continued to meander through the southern part of Seoul. At this point I mostly wanted to return to the hostel but Niamh wanted even more so to find the Namsan mountain in Seoul – which had been recommended to us by our first host. Despite getting somewhat lost on the way we managed to find it at last. It was a long, though and painful climb up the mountain and multiple times we were close to just let it be and walk back down but something kept us walking and walking up the steep slope. When we finally arrive at the top with aching feet and our legs shivering under us with exhaustion we steered directly to the CU (a convenient store) to restore our blood sugar levels to normal. Then as we had mounted the last couple of hundreds of metres up to the N Seoul Tower we discovered to our astonishment that there was an event happening. People were crowed around an enclosed corner of the square and were watching a performance of traditional Korean dance and music. This was followed by a samurai demonstration and a elegant sword dance. What else than fate could be responsible for this brilliant experience?

Making a wish for the Korean New Year 27-30 January
Our wish: For 2017 we wish to trek through the Nepalese mountains, and survive! 🙂

Now tired and cold we started the decent with stiff joints from sitting still. It was almost more painful the climb. Luckily we found the road very fast, but that doesn’t to much good when you still don’t know where the metro station is. So we ventured into our 7th hour of walking and growing more and more desperate to find a place to rest our poor legs. We hopefully eyed every building we passed and suddenly we stood in front of the Royal Danish Embassy of all places and of all embassies!

Last night we had said yes to go into town with some of the other people at the hostel but now there was nothing we wanted more than to crawl into bed and turn up the heater and just not leave the room days. But as they came over and asked if we were still on for tonight something made me just blurt out “of course!” even though we had just decided to stay in – what can I say, I have never been good at saying no under social pressure. We were excited to see the night life of Seoul and miraculously we managed to stay awake. It turned out to be a great night and we met all kinds of different people from all over the world, but the most noteworthy thing to mention is Niamh out of nowhere chucking a Jäger bomb and spending the rest of the night in fits of giggles. At four in the morning we were back in our room and just crashed on beds.