26. No pictures, No Proof

We are alive and well, and enjoying a relaxing time with like-minded people in the awesome Kimchee Guesthouse.

2 Days Earlier – 29-01-2017

When the goings get tough

Nobody hides the fact that long-term travel gets tough sometimes… And with all the many mishaps along the way, it comes as no surprise that I am going through one of those rough spots now. Staying in a hostel with a cold sucks – there is no other way to put it. As you lie in your bed sniffling and coughing you get to listen to the faraway music of the common area. You hear people talking and laughing and just genuinely having a great time… and there you are, stuck in bed with three blankets wrapped around you and the heater turned up to max.

It’s difficult to stay positive when this happens; all you want is to fly home, lock your bedroom door and ignore all of humanity for at least a week. But then you remember this:

Dumpling making in Yangpyeong

And this:

A meal to die for

And you remember why you left home in the first place: to experience new cultures and see the world. I have gathered my information from various sources, and have decided (although it is going to be difficult) that I am going to relax. I am going to spend at least one more day in bed, then I will think about what comes next.


We have enjoyed the past few days here, and look forward to another week or so. Yesterday I handed over my passport to the Thai embassy, and now I eagerly await receiving my visa. I had a bit of an indulgent day… I guess I felt like I needed a bit of pampering 😛 First I bought three pieces of Baklava – because who can say no to that syrupy goodness? Then Louise and I went out for lunch with two others from the hostel. And finally we gave in and went back to the bookstore, where we bought two books… Im continuing my Japanese phase with another Murakami novel. We rounded things off with a coffee and wandered back to the hostel where I stayed up all night chatting to fellow hostellers.

Plans change along the way. It may be too early on this trip to draw major conclusions, but I can definitely say that you cannot plan how your trip is going to work out. Everything sounds good on paper, right? But until you go out and actually begin to experience all that you have planned, you won’t know whether it is the right thing to be doing. So far we have no clear plan, but we will keep you updated.