32. Cats and Taco Cravings

As we prepare for our short trip to Vietnam our minds our full. So instead of a long post about the last few days, here are a few pictures.

Yesterday we went to a cat cafe, and it was everything I have ever dreamt of and more. I had coffee and cats, who could ask for anything more. The alpha male, Khan, decided to do me the honour of lying on my lap – and honoured I felt!


Is he not the most gorgeous cat you have ever seen? Louise and I were utterly amazed about the collected and confident air exuded by this feline. At one point, two cats had the audacity to wake Khan up with their insolent fighting. Khan lifted his head and gave them one of his cool glances  – their bickering stopped immediately.

Today we went for Mexican food – a craving which all six of us had been experiencing all day!


Tomorrow we get up at the crack of dawn to begin our journey to Southeast Asia.



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  1. Mojitos .. in Seoul, interesting combination


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