38. Walking Gives You Blisters

Another long day of walking in the busy streets of Hanoi.

Tomorrow morning – early, early morning – we leave for the famous (or maybe infamous?) Castaway tour, which will take us to an island in Ha Long bay. At first we were considering going to Ha Long by our selves, but after talking to a wonderfully helpful guy at reception, we were sold. We were nervous about the crazy party atmosphere Castaway is known for, but he assured us that we would have other ways to fill up our evenings – such as sitting by the bonfire and watching the luminescent coral light up the beach.

I am under a bit of time-pressure… Have to pack before going to sleep. So here’s a quick summary of Day 38.


We made a little friend – He wanted a piece of our Banh Mi

We started by taking a taxi to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum:

We then got lost on our way to one of the many pagodas:

And then we got lost on our way to the Hoa Lo Prison:

Also here we managed to find a Danish guided tour, and we sneakily trailed after them for a while. Here is my face when I heard the Danish:

Then we went back to the hostel and ate the best ice cream on this entire planet, and some Pho, and Louise got her hair cut:



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