46. Louise got Hit by a Moped?! (#notclickbait)

We Left Hue at about 10 am, and continued our trip down south to Hoi An; this time on the back of a motorbike. Until this day, we had religiously avoided using mopeds or bikes as a mode of transportation after seeing the insane way in which the traffic flows in Vietnam. However, with well-versed drivers and a pre-arranged tour, we felt safe enough to hop on the back. I was also happy to find that my guide for the day was a quiet man, so we managed to keep the talking to the minimum, which allowed me to enjoy the scenery as we flew down the hilly roads and beach side streets of Da Nang. The feeling of zigzagging in between lorries and bikes had me exhilarated for hours. Louise and I would marvel over the tingling sensation of our skin every time we stopped – which was pretty often, because we just had to capture those gorgeous views on film.

The tour was arranged by the hostel we were staying with, so with about 20 other backpackers we set out on the well-known Top Gear trip. With most people riding bikes with very little experience, there were a few notably funny moments. For example, the very memorable moment when Louise got hit by one of the mopeds. After about an hour or so we stopped off at a little rest point, nothing special, just a shop and a bathroom. Louise and I were chatting about the things we had seen, when all of a sudden one of the girls’ moped jerks forward and crashes into Louise leg, taking one other person along in the fall. No one got hurt, but a rearview mirror was smashed… and this wasn’t the first or last time the poor girl tipped on the bike. So, as you could imagine, I was happy I made the choice to allow a professional to do all the driving. And just to add to that, we also had cool motorbikes… none of those cute, little scooters for us!

We stopped for lunch somewhere along the way, and ate as we looked out at this stunning view:


Here are a few more landscape photos from along the way:

My lovely guide also insisted on taking this awkward photo of me, looking like I know what I’m doing on a motorbike:


We stopped beside a little vegetable garden, where an elderly couple came out to greet us. Apparently these two come out every day, hand in hand, and greet the tourists… They get a little something for their efforts.


At 4pm we arrived in Hoi An, and our drivers took us all the way up to the front door of our Homestay. I even got a hug from my driver… I think we really bonded through our mutual introverted-ness. The rest of the day was spent wandering the touristy streets of Hoi An – a town known for its tailors. So Louise has ordered a bikini to be made in her size – to be picked up in two days time.



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