50. Are We Finally Backpackers?

The past two days have consisted of avoiding the sun while still attempting to explore our surroundings. As a result we are sticky with sunscreen and sweat, sandy, and just plain dirty despite a nice long shower… or two. I think we have become the epitome of stinky backpackers.

With sweat dripping down our backs, we boarded another night bus at 5pm yesterday, feeling gross and tired – ready for a good, long sleep. And yet here we are, over 24 hours later, with about three hours of sleep to go on. No worries, tonight will just be an early one. We are now in Nha Trang, a town known for its tourist-packed beaches and great scuba diving opportunities. But with a plane to catch in just a few days, we have decided to skip the diving this time around. We power on – Bangkok, we are on our way!

dsc_0124At 5am, we arrive in Nha Trang and hop on the backs of two scooters… Who managed to totally rip us off. Blame it on the lack of sleep, but at least we got to our hostel. With the sun rising, we head down to the famous Nha Trang beach for an unexpected welcome. The beach is packed, despite the early hour, with lots of elderly people out for their sunrise swim, run or Tai Chi session. We quickly rush back to the hostel and jump into our bikinis, so we can join in on the fun… Unfortunately, by the time we get there the sun was far above the mountains. We still enjoyed a morning swim in the vast ocean, jumping up and down in vain attempts to avoid the numerous large waves.

The rest of the day was mainly spent avoiding the sun and trying to calm myself down after seeing a near-dead dog howling in pure agony on the streets. Im not quite over it… I might just be in shock still.

At sunset we headed down to the beach once again, and chatted for a few hours as we watched people of all shapes and forms passing by… Mainly Russians and Koreans, funny enough. We ended the day by satisfying our craving for Korean food – getting kimbap and bibimbap at a very Korean looking restaurant (they had Soju and all!)



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