53. Constant Vertigo & More Burns

After spending one night in Nha Trang we were on the road again, this time headed to Da Lat.

We arrived late in the afternoon and didn’t leave the hostel that first night, but joined the family/staff dinner instead and getting acquainted with the other lodgers here at Tiny Tigers – which, to our surprise, included two danes we met earlier on our trip (backpacking through Vietnam you find yourself constantly bumping into the same people again and again as you are making your way across the country).

Yesterday we did a bit of sightseeing here in Da Lat, and one of the main attractions being the “Crazy House” we went there and soon found ourselves going a little bit crazy. The house was like a real-life Tardis, much bigger on the inside than what it looks like on the outside. The architect was frustrated with how humanity treated nature and wanted to bring people closer to nature by designing a place wild and independent of any classical architectural principles. Walking through the maze of narrow staircases you feel like you’ve been transported into the universe of Harry Potter and are walking up and down the stairs of Hogwarts, which have a mind of their own – hence a perpetual sense of vertigo. And glimpsing through the doorways into the unique bedrooms makes you feel as if you’re standing outside Bilbo’s hobbit home. If you make it passed the mass of Russian tourists to the various peaks of the building and stairs you will get the most wonderful view over Da Lat city – but you must brace yourself with all the patience you can muster, just ask Niamh!

For dinner we decided to try our luck with the hostel again, and since it was Sunday we all went to the night market for street food. At first, we stopped for pho and fate placed us at a table exclusively of Scandinavians! (I feel like it deserves to be mentioned that the place had several adorable puppies running around, so naturally Niamh and I couldn’t help ourselves and we immediately rushed over to shower them with our love.)  Next stop was “Da Lat street pizza” which were absolutely delicious (we might just get a couple again for dinner tonight). And for desert Niamh and I got ice-cream which were made right on the spot on a sorta cold-plate – it was more of an experience to watch it being made than the actual taste, but whatever. Finally, we ended the night at the 100 Roof bar which was a total throw-back to this morning where we visited the Crazy House! Countless of intertwining dark staircases leading to different niches and around corners – a place I would be mindful about how intoxicated I’d get in fear of getting irreversibly lost.

Today we went for more sightseeing, and this time fully covered by either clothes or multiple layers of sunscreen – the weather here is most mischievous, even when the sun doesn’t cast a single shadow you’ll still be burned to a crisp at the end of the day! We took a long walk around the lake at the city centre, which took us through gorgeous parks, the cathedral and the first real mall we’ve seen in Vietnam.

// Louise