57. No Pain, No Gain

As awesome travelling is and fun staying at hostels can be, I must admit that I’m so pleased – even bordering on relieved tbh – to get a break from that whole scene and instead settle down and get my hands dirty, literally!

Yesterday, we left the hostel in Bangkok and got into a taxi heading to our first WWOOF host in Thailand. However, considering our past incredible luck with arriving at hosts, it’s no surprise that “just taking a taxi to this address” is easier said than done..! But, after some confusion, about a dozen missed calls and a second taxi ride we made it.

We were greeted by about eight small yapping dogs and the aunt to our host. The “farm” is a collection of families making up a community trying to become self-sustainable. There are multiple families including our host’s aunt & uncle, grandma, cousins and friends – who all seem super cool (the grandma is about 90-years-old and loves Harry Potter, she has read all the books in English). We got a short tour of the grounds and then we got a little taste of the work we will be doing here; we fed the worms they keep to make fertilised soil, we cut down a bunch of bananas and then we weeded the vegetable garden until dinner time. An easy day’s work, despite for the high temperatures, and much more satisfying than the perpetual aimless wandering we’ve done in every city we’ve passed through.

For dinner we had crab – which proved quite a challenge for me, a stranger to all sea-food, which we ate with our host and his two friends. After dinner we shared some desert with tea and a cynical conversation about the world at large – a topic we all can agree on. Our host has also proved himself to be a musical genius, filling the house with beautiful tunes from the piano, guitar and ukulele. Also at night the rooms sounded with the increasingly irritable howls of their entire pack of dogs – not to mention one obnoxious bird that started screaming in the early morning hours (Niamh insists that this is a big improvement to the noise we’ve had to deal with the last couple of days at different hostels, though I’m not too sure).