61. TIMBER! – Serious Girlpower

Today was a long and fun day of work. We got to show off some true girlpower as we ploughed our way through thickly tree-laden areas, cutting down all the weed-like trees within our vicinity.

We started the day off by doing the bi-daily chore of watering the vegetable and flower garden. We then set off to, once again, feed the many worms in the worming compost. Our movements became subconscious – Louise cutting up the food scraps and me sprinkling the scraps into the worms’ little habitats.

We then chopped down a little forest, all while discussing the big problems like bee extinction and (Im sure you’ll never guess this one) capitalism and all its horrors… Is it maybe a bit ironic that we were massacring plants and ranting about our very liberal opinions?

After all our built up frustrations had been taken out on the poor trees, we went out for lunch… After which we were brought to a hip cake shop, where we had all our sweet cravings satisfied with a rich and moist (a sincere apology to everyone who cringed at that word… I suggest not jumping on that inane bandwagon) chocolate cake and the speciality banoffee pie.

Then came the seemingly impossible task of clearing a meter-wide path by the densely overgrown pond area. At the start it seemed like a completely infeasible task, but with a little sweat, blood and girl power, we managed! Unfortunately we did not get a before and after shot. Here is the best we can do:

This is about three quarters of the way in
And this is the completed view – I am either in severe pain here, or dying of laughter… With the elation of finishing this task, I would say the latter.

Here are a few pictures from the process:

And afterwards, we just had to admire the view:


After a good scrubbing under cold water, we feel nearly clean and very ready for dinner.