63. Last Supper

Uh, the sweet release of tension! Ever since the second day in Seoul I’ve been talking and longing for a proper massage and even more intently so whenever I’d been carrying around my oversized backpack, and finally the day arrived.

Yesterday we had the day off, I guess because our host felt the need for a massage to which he graciously invited us to join him – and I immediately agreed! So just after breakfast we were off on bikes headed for a real Thai massage. During our stay in Hoi An we got really comfortable navigating the Vietnamese roads on bikes, however, this ride still made my heart jump. But soon I was being kneaded and stretched in the traditional Thai manner.

For the afternoon we had planned to go for a walk in the area, but the fact that the farm is located in a literal labyrinth and a common need to relax in front of a screen compelled us to stay inside for the rest of the day watching Black Mirror until dinner time.

Wait, I almost forgot that we also got introduced to bees on the farm that day,  and some of them got a little too up close and personal – just ask Niamh’s thigh. Our host just started his “farm” project one year ago and so he’s still experimenting, one of these experiments being bees.

After dinner we went to another board game cafe and had a blast.

Today was our last full day on the farm before we leave for the Permaculture Convergence in Buriram. Our final workday consisted of finishing up the work with the timber, making soap and we planted pineapples, sunflowers and pumpkins in the vegetable garden. A normal day all in all – until evening settled. When we returned from dinner our host decided that now was the perfect time to paint the upstair room, so naturally we lend a hand – literally. The paint was homemade and the walls we painted with our hands accompanied by 80’s Japanese jazz.