69. Backpacker’s Holy Grail

What is a better combination than the hostel and homestay feel as well as gardening? If you ask me, I think we might just have stumbled upon a sorta backpacker’s holy grail here at Tantai Organic Farm.

We are an interesting mix of people from all over the world and most are travelling with a significant other, making Niamh, myself and the newest member of the household the only single people here – it almost feel like a vacation retreat for couples. Most of us sleep in tents on the roof of our little “communal home” with a great view over the farm and the small Turkish family are staying in the one and only dorm room (their 2-year-old boy is the most adorable child I have ever laid eyes on). With so many people from all walks of life there’s bound to be a language barrier but we make do with simple sentences and gestures.

There is a clear-cut routine at the farm which starts at 6am and after a couple hours of work we assemble back at the house to eat breakfast and take a short break before heading back to work. Then there’s lunch and a well deserved siesta, and finally a bit more work in the afternoon before dinner. After such a day we are all pretty tired and everyone slowly makes their way to bed before 9pm.

However, with all the extra additions to our household and our host gone to Bangkok for a couple of days have given us a chance to improvise a bit. This morning we started the day off with apprx. an hour of pilates on the rooftop with only about half of us to start with but soon we were all gathered, stretching and whatnot. Such idyll! Also, with our host and the nanny gone and our large population in the small house we have had to make a cooking/cleaning team to stay at the house while the rest of us work outside. So far most of the work have been centred around the new garden beds we are making and composting. Our host seems to have slightly sexist disposition (probably because of the cultural norms and such, but regardless,) but in his absence I, a wee girl, got a chance to prøve kræfter som murer.

Sunrise pilates on the roof

On the premises it’s normally only the household of volunteers and the two payed labour-persons with their son – it sounds like our host actually lives in Bangkok with his wife and son but visits here often…? There are also two dogs and small and very fat puppy roaming about. The farm is busy with chickens, mulberry, papaya and much more, so there’s plenty to do here.

// Louise