82. Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

With the heat comes laziness, and so here you have a couple of pictures to help you imagine the last few days at the bamboo farm.

We had two amazingly tropical storms… The thunder was deafening.

We spent a lazy Sunday at the river, where we attempted to swim against the crazy current, ate some Thai food, and petted four very thin horses. Then Louise got caught in another batch of rain on her bike ride home.

We felt like scientists as we worked with the aquaponics – we tested the pH and nitrate level of the water.

We just started helping our host build a greenhouse for the aquaponics. First we made a model – excuse the blurry picture:


Then we picked out the sound pieces of bamboo and cut them:


Then we got messy with the paint:

We spent the rest of our time relaxing and spending quality time with Milk and Batman (respectively):



And cycling around the area:


//Niamh and Louise