89. A Sudden Melting Pot

On Saturday night we were 7 people on the property – by Sunday morning we were about 15. As the family is heading off for a long-needed vacation on the beach, the extended family were due to arrive in the middle of the night by minivan. They will be spending the next week or so replacing the roof on the main house and minding the two dogs. On Saturday morning we woke up assuming that the place would be deserted at such an early time… what with them arriving past 2am. I managed to drag myself out of bed ten minutes after Louise, and I ambled over to the house for breakfast. With my bed hair, wiping sleep out of my eyes, I wander into the kitchen grasping onto the knowledge that their would be freshly brewed coffee from Chiang Rai, only to be faced by 8 or so equally perplexed faces. The kitchen was in full swing – an elderly lady with colourful fabric tied around her waist was preparing what looked like a complete Thai feast. There were dried salted fish lying on the table, sticky rice being shoved into woven baskets, and chicken broth boiling on the stove. Louise and I prepared our usual porridge with banana and coffee, all while we were being inspected by curious eyes.

We spent that day feeling rather useless, as there were so many more capable bodies on the property now. Instead we restlessly read, watched Netflix, and ate the very Western food laid out especially for us. Louise was feeling so fidgety that she ended up walking to the nearest 7-11 to buy chocolate for us.

Yesterday, we had the task or sewing two mosquito nets together for the aquaponics greenhouse, which we have helped build – pictures of that will come at a later time. Although this task felt tedious and never-ending in the process, it was hella rewarding to see the greenhouse finished before we head off!

Late this morning, we said goodbye to our host family as they headed off on vacation. We are so thankful that they let us spend an extra night under their roof! Tomorrow, we are heading to our final farm in Thailand, with very little idea of how to get there… there are going to be a lot of hand gestures and pointing – lets hope we arrive in one piece!

Here’s a picture of us and all the kids last night: