105. Too Much Variety!


Our days in Maputo are spent relaxing… I wouldn’t call it well-deserved, what with all our days doing little to nothing in Thailand. A Danish friend curiously asked me what a typical day was like for us, and Louise and I joked about how strained we have felt – waking up to Netflix and books, lying by the pool, and the occasional wander around the streets. Our project for this week has been attempting to buy capulanas (typical Mozambican fabric) for Louise and her eager sister. For me, this has meant a lot of heavy sighing as she goes back and forth between the vast variety of colours and patterns in the shop. After our third visit to Casa Elefante, Louise has purchased three capulanas, and we are ready to make a trip to one of the many tailors in town.

We were invited for lunch both Tuesday and Wednesday, where we ate the most delicious but undisclosed fish. After lunch on Tuesday we headed out to the Natural History Museum… which was a bit of a scary experience, and I apologise for the lack of pictures – let me try to paint the scene for you. The museum is from the colonial time, and so are the stuffed animals. So there you are, looking at a gruesome taxidermy representation of a pride of lions attacking a poor buffalo. Chunks of red flesh hang off the buffalo’s rear end, much like the dry skin and fur peeling off the lions. I was intrigued by the evolution of the elephant foetus despite the morbid thought given to how many female elephants had been sacrificed for this exhibition. This tiny specimens had obviously been stewing in their glass vat of preservatives that flakes of their pinky skin was beginning to peel off. All in all, the experience came with more historical insight than biological, but definitely worth the 5kr we gave to see it. After that slightly disturbing museum visit we headed to Feima – the quaint tourist market – for a glass of fresh pineapple juice and a look at the capulana options there.

Remember back in Korea where Louise complained about her having to wait for me while I was tying my shoelaces? Well look who’s taking her time now – at least I didn’t tie them in a special which gives special support.

Louise has now tried Indian food for the first time: another amazing culinary experience checked off her not so empty mental list – we are quickly filling that thing up! Finally, we attempted to start our vermicompost project, but were unsuccessful in finding any willing worms… if anyone has any laying around, we would be happy to take a few 😉