108. Fish for Years

A couple of nights ago we went out and got a small taste of Maputo’s night life – that being we went to a half empty concert (which half way through turned out to be a rather good concert once you got used to the bands very unique sound – and shrieks) and afterwards to a bar with live reggae music where Niamh’s ears nearly got blasted out by the insanely loud music.

Turning every stone and small pebbles looking for anything to do in the Maputo we initially headed out to see a elephant reserve, which turned out to be hours away, so the excursion ended up being a nice walk down by the beach where we quenched our thirst in the Mozambican winter heat with coconuts. We wandered up the road, then back and then into the fish market. All the colourful and alien-looking creatures of the sea just beside us was staring back at us with their fixed, cloudy and dead eyes (a sign that they might not have been as fresh as you’d wish for). We walked out of there with two bags of prawns and about three kilos of mussels – we might’ve been tricked into buying more than we actually bargained for. With all of this sea food suddenly in our hands and only the three of us to share it we would never have seen the end of it had we not invited guests over for dinner to help us to devour all these strange water animals. So, Niamh and I got busy in the kitchen (or Niamh got busy and I helped) putting together a three course meal, starting with mussels cooked in a white wine sauce and for the main course the steamed prawns with pesto-pasta and an egg-plant salad and mango curd tarts for dessert. I have never eaten as much sea food as I did that evening and I must admit that I found it quite tasty as well.

Today we headed out for lunch at a place that serves Mozambican food, and had a nerve-wrecking entertainment alongside our meal – they skipped with a human! Like used him as a skipping rope!

We also walked four wonderful and happy dogs at a rescue shelter and had Korean food for dinner – almost as good as the “real” stuff as well.