33. How Did We end up Here?

How did we end up back here in Hongdae? Stupidity… And more of that fate stuff, maybe. As many of you have probably guessed, the past week in Seoul has just been just plain weird – absolutely wonderful, but so, so weird. Our minds have been occupied with this new way of living and we have both been so busy discovering and understanding new sides of our selves. That is what this stupid mistake comes down to. We thought we were meant to be on a plane flying to Vietnam right this minute, but we misread and miscalculated the situation.

We bought the tickets a couple of days ago, when we were both tired. As if to spite us even more, we ended up spending nearly 2 hours buying the goddamn tickets… Why? Because South Korea does not have the fastest internet in the world, and fate actually despises us. After trying the same inane process about 6 times we were ready to give up, but we powered through and booked them. At this time we were both struggling to keep our eyes open and our minds clear. So, naturally, we end up buying the wrong ticket for the wrong day… and we don’t realise until we are standing at the check-in desk at the airport.

I was ready to get the hell out of Seoul and see something new, so I ran back and forth trying to buy tickets for that very plane. That failed. I ran down to the nearest travel agency – not a single ticket to Hanoi. And then, as if this wasn’t enough, when I sit down to check skyscanner, my computer is dead.

And that is how we ended up back in the hostel, where I will be hiding out until my mind clears up a bit.

What did we learn? To never make important decisions when you are tired and not in the right state of mind – don’t be distracted!!